jp4 plasma
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The top dimensions are 16"x30" but the base is larger at24"X30" to stabilize the additional weight of the screen.
It comes with a universal mounting system to accept any 42"or 43” screen.  The customer will need the appropriate hardware to attach screen to the podium. Some customers are using Pioneer 43” screens but generally any 42” or 43” model will work as long as it has a straight bottom which fits these dimensions  23 1/4” by 41 1/8” for the outside dimensions of the screen.  There is a little bit of margin with these dimensions.

 The height of the top from the floor is 43" on the low end and 45" on the high end.  Upright is fabricated out of aluminum and is welded for strong long lasting wear.  Color option denotes only the upright piece.  All tops and bases are in black.  Upright pieces are in welded aluminum and receive a powdercoat finish.

The weight on this unit will vary based on the screen but the podium itself weighs around 50 lbs.

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jp4 plasma

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