jp3 contemporary side table

The jp3 contemporary side table is designed featuring an elongated stylish diamond shape facing forward on the aluminum upright.  The picture shown is of the jp3 contemporary presentation table so that you can see the similar 30” height and diamond shape design.  The jp3 contemporary side table is built with only one upright with the diamond shape.  

Measuring approximately 30” wide, this product makes for a perfect side table for books, papers and water or coffee cups.  Holding an interview or conference discussion?  Pull up chairs for a more natural conversation. 

The top and base are constructed out of a solid 3/4" black polymer material, durable and easy to clean.  The top measures 18"x 30" and the base is 18"x 24".  All tops and bases are in black. 

Upright stand measures 30” and is fabricated out of welded aluminum, strong for long-lasting wear and lightweight.  Each piece receives a powdercoat finish.  Color option denotes only the upright piece.   

Ships in two boxes.  One box contains the upright aluminum piece and the other contains the top and base. 

Total weight is 33 lbs.

Cost $510

jp3 contemporary side table
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Price $510.00