jp3 contemporary podium

The jp3 contemporary podium is our third design for a modern styled aluminum podium.  The design of the aluminum stand features an elongated stylish diamond shape facing forward. 

The top and base are constructed out of a solid 3/4" black polymer material, durable and easy to clean.  The top measures 18"x 30" with a lip at the bottom.  It easily accommodates an open Bible or book with up to the full width of 2 8.5” x 11” pages.  Sitting at an angle, the top of this podium from the floor is approximately 43" on the low end and approximately 45" on the high end.  The 18"x 24" base provides stability for the aluminum podium.  All podium tops and bases are in black. 

Upright stand is fabricated out of welded aluminum, strong for long-lasting wear and lightweight.  Each piece receives a powdercoat finish.  Color option denotes only the upright piece.   

Total weight is 33 lbs. 

Ships in two boxes.  One box contains the upright aluminum piece and the other contains the top and base. 

Cost $510

jp3 contemporary podium
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Price $510.00